14 januari 2015

Taking a class

I'm so excited about the class Adobe Photoshop Elements 13: Essentials I with the Pixeladies! It's online and started this Monday and it will last for three weeks, then I'll take Essentials II. I've just finished my third lesson "Straighten Images". I used one of my photos and with a couple of "clicks" it turned out much better.
No need to tell before and after, is it? Next will be to create a watermark.

8 januari 2015

Sunday Quilt

"Söndagsgruppen", a quilt party meeting once every month, met last Sunday. I brought my "design wall", a large brown flannel covered with lots of fabrics. As I've mentioned before I'm very fond of Jenny Bowker's "Shimmering Triangels" and inspired by her quilt I started mine in November before her pattern was released. Jenny's pattern is now available on Craftsy and of course I've bought it, but as I had already started the quilt in my way I decided to fullfil this project. If you follow her pattern and very informative description I'm sure your result will be lovely. The way I took was not an easy one  ;-)

My triangels

2 januari 2015

A small one

I've just finished my first quilt in 2015, just a small one and yet not mounted. The photo isn't good as it's pretty dark outside.

It consists of backing, batting and two layers. The first one is hand dyed cotton on which I added thermofax printed text. The next layers are chiffong (right) and painted silk organza (left). I added some hand-stiched swirls in silver too.

This is added to Nina-Marie Sayer's Off the Wall Friday then I will continue my project with a Shimmering Quilt.

1 januari 2015

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a very happy year 2015! I haven't made any promises - it's no use, but I have many good intentions for this year. To begin with I've signed up for two Photoshop classes with the Pixieladies. I've been longing to learn how to manipulate photos for a long time so I'm very keen on taking these classes. This morning I played with one of my photos and I will print it out on fabrics later on. It's a photo from the small village Forza d'Agro in Sicily.

28 november 2014

Personal Preferences from Mini to Maxi

Our art quilt group was visited by Dutch textile and mixed media artist Mirjam Pet-Jacobs who gave us a three-day-lecture,"Personal Preferences". We learned how to make a small frame and to "scan" a picture in the frame to find interesting lines etc to make a larger quilt from. It was very interesting and we really learned a lot besides making some mini- and maxi-quilts. Mine is another one in the "Mothers" series although I keep saying "This was the last one".

Its Friday so I post this at Nina Marie's"Off the Wall Friday", have a nice week-end!