2 augusti 2015

The new brown is blue

I didn't succeed all over yesterday, the orange solution was obviously too old. I dyed some other fabrics in the evening and aimed for dunkel brown, 50/50 orange and cobalt and a small amount black added. The result was blue.

1 augusti 2015


I've dyed some fabrics today. The Procion MX dye solution has been in the refrigator for a very long time, I made some of the solutions when I took a dyeing class for Elizabeth Barton in January 2014! Perhaps there are some changes in the colors but I don't notice them so it's OK. I'm grateful I made these colorcards when I took the class as I have noticed color mixtures and weight on each card.

20 juli 2015

More triangels

I have been busy working with very bright and intense colors in some of my quilts during this gray and rainy summer.  I will soon finish my third Shimmering Triangels-quilt made from Jenny Bowker's pattern and I'm happy to tell I've got her permission to give classes using this pattern. My first class will be in August when Söndagsgruppen meets again.

My third, unfinished, triangel-quilt, cropped photo
My first two Shimmering Triangels quilts were made from commercial fabrics (Kaffe Fassett Collective) with my homedyed fabrics as alternates and I love them, especially the bigger one, "Shimmer".


Top ready to be quilted
But I thought that if I was going to teach a class I had to improve myself as Jenny Bowker's pattern consists of two parts, one using big prints alternating tone-on-tone fabrics and the other one using only big prints. I admit it is a bit silly to make all these quilts using Kaffe Fassett fabrics as you can make lovely ones using other big prints. But he is one of my favorites, how can I resist?

17 juli 2015

Playing with Mistyfuse

In Quilting Arts Magazine Sue Bleiweiss wrote about making unique texture using Mistyfuse. I have never used Mistyfuse but I have read about it in different blogs and also on YouTube and yesterday I made some simple tests.

On a bottom layer I put Mistyfuse and ironed between parchment paper. I wanted to make a shrinkled texture and took a piece of medium weight silk in an ugly color.  I crumpled and steam pressed the silk several times before I fused it to the bottom layer.

Crumpled and steam pressed

Fused to the bottom layer
Then I run basting stiches around the edges and painted the silk. I used Setacolor and let the color dry and re-pressed the silk between each painting.
Painted, pressed and ready to use
I made another test fusing bubbles of synthetic organza to a bottom layer.

Fused bubbles
It's Friday so I link this to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday

11 juli 2015

An idea for a quilt

I haven't been practising Photoshop as much as I wish but today, as I have a rather bad knee and have to rest my legs, I made an attempt with one of my photos. It's a house here in the center of Uppsala but I've forgot the name, have to check later.I reduced the colors and postered the edges. I used Blockposter to enlarge it and will try to fuse fabrics when making the quilt. Haven't decided about the colors yet. A bit late but not too late, I will post this to  Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday