23 november 2015

Soft and delicate

 I made a test and printed out my great grandmother's portrait on white silk organza. This is a copy but I had to put the organza towards a gray background when I took the photo. Very soft and delicate! I will use it somehow in a quilt.

One Block Wonder
 My One Block Wonder, quilted by Sybutiken Pastellen is ready for binding. It measures 160 by 228 cm and I have used Philip Jacob's Brassica Gray. Hope to find someone to buy it as I have no bed in appropriate size.
Another ongoing project is Jewel Frames Quilt. I have made 64 blocks with frames and they are now ready for sashing. I have used left-overs from my Shimmering quilts, just bought fabric for the borders and sashing.

By the way, I found an interesting site the other day with lots of patterns Maple Island Quilts, take a look!

5 november 2015


Yesterday was my dyeing day. I had no specific plans, just needed more colors in my stash and to use up the dye solutions I made this August, I've kept the solutions cold in a separate fridge. Here are the results made of Procion MX:
The green one is my favorite, soft linen (Auntie's bridal sheet) and I used two parts of Lemon Yellow and one part Cobalt Blue. The brown is an ugly green cloth I overdyed with equal parts Deep Orange and Black.


Here comes the blue and red. The second blue from top and the bottom red are both overdyed in a jam jar. It's an easy way to dye learned from Bobbi Britnell.

Finally a golden yellow, a pale red and a pale gray, they all might be useful some day - or overdyed another time.

I have been reading "Pattern-Free Quilting" a book I told about in my blog last week and I will give it a try this week.

2 november 2015

A new book

Kathleen Loomis' book "Pattern-Free Quilts, Riffs on the Rail Fence Bock" arrived today. I read about it in Uta Lenk's blog and found it very interesting. Kathleen Loomis is a very skillful artist and she has been working together with Nancy Crow.

In one of the chapters, "Making Your Pattern-Free Quilt", she is describing how to sketch out possible block arrangements in black and white before starting assigning colors and also how to add degrees of complexity by varying the angels and turning blocks. Another chapter is "Putting Your Blocks Together" with lots of useful tips and suggestions.
You can order your own copy from https://www.createspace.com/5403666 and read more about Kathleen Loomis in her blog Art with a Needle. I'm sure this will be one of my favorites.

30 oktober 2015


"Uppsala - My home town" 12" by 12"

A year ago I took a rather interesting photo from a building in Uppsala, I thought it could be useful in a quilt. I used Photoshop to make a sketch and then ironed Soluvlies to freezerpaper and put it in my ink jet printer. Then I basted the vlies to natural linen and machine stitched the sketch. I added some handstitches and I will mount it on deep edge canvas.

Uppsala - The original

16 oktober 2015


"Shimmering water" was the theme for a challenge in our guild. I took a photo of my grand child and manipulated it in Photoshop and used it for a quilt. I'm not quite sure but I think the technique is called Pictorial quilt. I resized the child and printed on cotton, then I used the clone tool to fix the background. Added some pieces and painted with acrylic. The upper part has stipple quilting but I didn't quilt more than a few lines over the water. Really fun making this quilt and lots of Photoshop practice!

It's Friday and I link this to Off the Wall Friday

"Shimmering Water" 15,5" x 15,5"