28 november 2014

Personal Preferences from Mini to Maxi

Our art quilt group was visited by Dutch textile and mixed media artist Mirjam Pet-Jacobs who gave us a three-day-lecture,"Personal Preferences". We learned how to make a small frame and to "scan" a picture in the frame to find interesting lines etc to make a larger quilt from. It was very interesting and we really learned a lot besides making some mini- and maxi-quilts. Mine is another one in the "Mothers" series although I keep saying "This was the last one".

Its Friday so I post this at Nina Marie's"Off the Wall Friday", have a nice week-end!

7 november 2014

Making triangels

I'm still planning for my quilt "Shimmering triangels", it's really a bit tricky with the fabrics. I have covered a wall in the bedroom to have a good view when planning for the traingels.

I have also finished a crib blanket made from left-overs. It's for a friend's grand-son, hope she will like it.

It's Friday so I link this to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.

27 oktober 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was invited to join Around the World Blog Hop by Gurli Gregersen http://gurligregersen.com in Denmark whom I virtual met when we took Elizabeth Barton's class "Dyeing to Design" at the Academy of Quilting.

I'm working on a series "Mothers", telling about my great grandmother and her daughter, my grandmother. My great grandmother was still alive when I was a young child and I have many memories from her.

"Clara" - my great grandmother
 The quilt "Clara" has a background made from hand-dyed (Color Hue) raw silk. Her portrait is photocopied on sheer linen and surrounded by her lace collar. I've made silk paper from cocoon strippings and made copies of  notes from her husband-to-be.


"Mothers II"
Another quilt is made from hand-dyed (Procion MX) linen painted with silver and has embrodery, letters and a copy of her passport as an American citizen.
I've also made a quilt from a copy of a letter from my great grandmother to her daughter and added my grandmother's photo as a child. It's printed on silk and I also added my photo of a peony printed on crèpe de chine

Next year I will participate in two group exhibitions and I'm busy working with some new art quilts. I took another of Elizabeth Barton's classes "Abstract Art for Quiltmakers" and will continue with some abstract quilts.
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
The use of old stuff when I tell about "Mothers" is important to me. It's a very personal voice.
Why do I create this?
I  think of my great grandmother as a very strong woman and it was very interesting to read her letters during the period 1920 - 1928, letters mainly addressed to her daughter. I wanted my children to know about her and as I started to read all her letters I also collected them into a book.
How does my creating process work?
The object speaks and I tell its story. A beautiful embrodery can't be put away in a drawer, it ought to be shown. That's the way I work.
Pillowcase as an appliqué
Linking to talanted artists
Heather Dubreuil  http://heatherdubreuil.blogspot.com  from Canada is a contemporary quilt artist and a juried member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). She is inspired by the urban landscape and uses hand-dyed cotton and machine stiches in her beautiful art works. 
Kit Lang http://kitlangfiberart.blogspot.com is another Canadian artist and her work is formed by her childhood. The themes and imagery that run throughout her primarily narrative work include figures from fairy and folktales, beings from her childhood fancies, flora and fauna.
Lena Resin Carlsson http://quiltarkatt.blogspot.se is a Swedish quilter fond of handicraft. You will find many lovely quilts on her blog, don't miss her children's drawings!

21 oktober 2014

Flea Market Bag

I made this bag yesterday, it's called Flea Market Bag, I've used this pattern before. I took a picture from the back as the bag will be a gift and there is a photo in front. The block is called "Layered Quadruple Wheel" and is from Susan Briscoe's book "Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks". The knot on the strap is very good as it makes the bag comfortable to hang on the sholder.

Flea Market Bag

19 oktober 2014

A centuries-old oak

October theme for the Sketchbook Challenge is Tree. I took a close-up photo featuring a centuries-old oak in front of Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde in Stockholm. Then I used Photoshop, duplicated layes and used different filters. I find the pictures very effectful.

My cropped photo
 Using different filters:

When I intended to publish this an checked the Sketchbook Challenge-blog I found that Terry Grant had made something similar.